Club Philosophy

As a club we believe that there is a place for every player to play volleyball at every level. That being said we know that it is not within our means or our ability to provide that for every player.  Our philosophy is to field only the number of teams that we believe we can provide a positive holistic experience for. Quality over quantity if you will.  Does that mean we will have only the best players and only the top level teams? NO! It means that we will only commit to making a team if we can provide them with quality: Coaches, Playing Time, Gym Availability, Communication, & Overal Club Experience.

The 3 C’s

We believe in the importance of  solid communication between club staff, coaches, parents and players. We will communicate via team chat, emails, and phone calls regularly to ensure that all parties are on the same page. We believe that PLAYERS should be involved in this communication at every age level.   

Since most ages will only have 1 team it is imperative that when accepting a position on a team the athlete & parents understand the level of both finical and time commitment it takes to play club volleyball. This doesn’t mean that your athlete can’t attend important family events, or other extra curricular activities, but it does mean that the conversations are had ahead of time before the player accepts a position within the club and anytime emergencies, illness or other situations arise. 

Every team, year and season may look differently depending on skill level and age. What does not change is that at our core we are a competitive club.  Our coaches will work hard to teach volleyball skills as well as life skills to their players but we will provide competitive practices and game experiences. The objective of sports and games is winning and learning what it takes to do so. It is not the only outcome or thing gained from playing but COMPETING is the name of the game. We will play to learn and have fun but we will do so by staying competitive and striving to do our best individually and as a whole. 

2021/2022 Season Information

This year we will be offering an Indoor Club Volleyball team under the Evergreen Region for USAV volleyball. We understand that this year may still look differently than previous club season due to COVID restrictions. Our goal for this season is to return to more of a normal/traditional club volleyball schedule with practices and tournaments from November – May. Some higher level teams may participate in post season play.  

This year the Evergreen Region has set tryouts dates as follows: 

Summer Tryout period for ALL AGES: July 31-August 8th
Fall Tryout period ALL AGES: Start date November 1 and any time after.

Our club will participate in the Summer Tryout Period and depending on need may participate in the Fall Tryout period. Each age level may be treated differently.