2020/2021 Season Information

This year we will be offering an Indoor Club Volleyball team under the Evergreen Region for USAV volleyball. We are excited to have a u12/u13 team and hope to also have a u14 team. We understand that this year will look different than previous club season due to COVID restrictions. Our goal is to provide a team that can practice 2 times a week and will attend tournaments when they become available. Additionally, due to gym space restrictions, we may start the season outdoors until we can secure an indoor location. This may include taking a break or rescheduling if weather conditions do not permit outdoor play. In summation, this season may be very “fluid” compared to past years but the most important thing to us is that A.) Players get an opportunity to begin practicing. B.) Teams are set and ready to begin competing when we are able. C.) That we have a commitment level between players, parents, and coaches to do our best to provide consistent training. 

Usually, tournaments would be local but until things begin to open up we may have to attend out of town tournaments. We will do our best to keep the cost down for these events by: Booking hotel blocks, creating a team table for food and a cooler for drinks, shared hotels if possible, carpooling, and fundraising if there is an interest. We plan on attending at minimum one larger tournament possibly Las Vegas or Phoenix, AZ. This will be something that will be assessed depending on the level of play of the team. 

Normally a “Season Fee” would be assessed and presented at the time of signing up with the team. Due to multiple factors that are already listed and some that aren’t we plan to have an initial fee to cover team registration. A practicing block fee (a monthly fee that will cover the cost of practicing) and Tournament fees (as they become available. This would include the cost to register the team for the tournament, Coaches fee DIVIDED by the number of players that will attend the tournament. Similar to how AAU teams do tournaments.) As we move forward during this very strange time we are asking that your family decide to “commit” to practicing and tournaments as far in advance as possible. This season could run from Mid October or November – June, with breaks in between due to gym availability, etc.