2022/2023 Tryout Information

Summer Tryouts for the 2022/2023 Season will be held during the week of July 28th – August 8th.  Fall Tryouts will be held after November 1st. Athletes must be pre-registered for tryouts. Registration closes Friday at noon. Our goals for this season will be as follows:


U15/16 We will offer 1 Competitive Level team at this age group 
Depending on tryout numbers and coach availability we may add a second U16 Team. 

U17 We will offer 1 Competitive Level team at this age group.


U10 – U12  One to two teams at this level dependent on the number of athletes.  One will be developmental and one will be Competitive Level team. 

U13/14 Developmental One team at this level 

U14  We will offer 1 to 2 Competitive team at this level. Depending on the number of athletes trying out and coaching availability. 


For Coaching or placement inquires please contact: nicole@yakimaelite.com  |  Call or text: 509-302-0550