Frequently Asked Questions

Typically the indoor club season starts AFTER the fall sports season around November 1st.  Clubs may hold tryouts before during the summer tryout period. The 2023/24 Summer Tryout period is July 27th – August 6.  There will be a dead period and no tryouts can be held again until November 1st. 

A typical club season starts in November and runs though the end of April.  Post season is considered anything after Regionals (which takes place end of April). Our developmental teams will only play through to Regionals. Competitive level teams may play post season including bigger tournaments like Matt Harner Classic,  Memorial Weekend, Nationals etc.  This is not a guaranteed and will depend on the team performance and level of play along with the coach and the commitment to participate.  Coaches may add additional players to make to post season play. Decision to play post season is not mandatory and the coach will communicate post season plays before the end of the regular season. 

Typically a team will practice 2xs per week for 1.5 to 2 hours per practice.  Our plan for the 2023/24 season is to practice in the East Valley, West Valley & La Salle Gyms.  This limited our times as we can only use school facilities to when the schools are open. That being said we will likely not have practice during the Thanksgiving Holiday, Christmas break or Spring break. Coaches may choose practice a different pre-approved location during this team.  

Practice for the 2023/24 season will not start until school ball has finished.  Coaches may choose to hold optional pre-season trainings or clinics but no mandatory attendance is required for pre-season participation. Coaches may choose to hold team bonding events or informational meetings during this time. School game schedules should be considered. 


Once you sign your commitment letter to play with a USAV club you are committed to them for the entire season and you cannot play with another USAV club without being released from the club. Yakima Elite will only release players if there is good cause and their financial balance has been paid in full.  Player releases must go through the Evergreen Region.  Players wanting to play post season with other clubs may be released if their balance is paid in full however, if you participated with Yakima Elite during any national qualifiers including regionals USAV rules says you cannot attend GJNC Nationals with another USAV Club team. 

On some occasions players will choose to play with other club teams under AAU or JVA.  As a club culture we believe that playing with exterior teams should be communicated with the teams coach and the club director and should not interfere with your practice and game commitment schedule with our team.  Be mindful should you attend another JVA or AAU tournament with team you may not be able to participate with your Yakima Elite team in any other JVA or AAU tournaments.  That being said, we strongly encourage you to play with your Yakima Elite team only during regular season play.  


There are several costs associated with club volleyball. Some of them are standard to every club/team, some of them may vary.  Each year you must pay a $60 membership fee for USAV to participate.  There are uniform costs for each team, ours range from $50-$250 depending on the level of play and number of jerseys needed. There is also a DUES fees for each player this is determined by the number of players on the team, the number of tournaments they may attend, number of coaches on the rosters and the amount of travel.  A typical club season ranges from $700- $2,500 depending on these many variables.  An exact cost won’t be made until after we are able to register for tournaments etc.  Some clubs may change an initial investment in order to hold your position on the team. This allows them to start registering for tournaments etc.  These dues will be used to cover the cost of tournament fees, coach registrations and training, gym fees, coach reimbursement for accommodations.  These dues typically do not include your personal travel and hotel costs for your family and athlete to attend tournaments.  Payment plans are available and will be discussed after you’ve accepted a commitment to the team. 

Each club and team has a different mentality on playing time. Players on a developmental team are more likely to have “equal” or a more balanced level of playing time than on a competitive level team.  We believe it is very important for the coaches to discuss playing time, team and club philosophy before the start of the season. Club Administration, Coaches, Players and Parents should all be on the same level of understanding for players commit to a team/club.  

Our club is a part of the Evergreen Region that is made of teams from Northern Montana, Idaho and Eastern Washington. We will participate in tournaments throughout the Pacific North West. If we can get local tournament we will do so but many of them will take place in Wenatchee, Spokane, and possibly Seattle area.

Teams that are playing at the competitive level may participate in out of state tournaments such as Colorado, Arizona, Las Vegas etc. This would be discussed with parents and players before the season begins. 

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