Nicole Marang
Club Director

Hi there! My name is Nicole and I have been in love with Volleyball since the first moment I played in 7th grade. I begin playing club volleyball in 8th grade and played for 5 years having played for Tri-City Juniors and Columbia Juniors.  I went on to finish my playing career at Columbia Basin College on scholarship. In 2007 I coached my first team of U14s with Team Yakima and fell in love with the sport in a whole new way.  I coached for Team Yakima for 6 seasons before I started my own beach volleyball club in 2017.

It has been an exciting adventure establishing my own volleyball club and adding indoor club as well. I look forward to many more season on the court and in the sand. My passion is U12/U14 as I believe that establishing a true love for volleyball as well as teaching players a strong foundation from the first time, they touch a ball is the MOST IMPORTANT influence you can have on a player.  

Yannick Ting
U14 National


My philosophy: Coaching itself is complex, but yet it remains the best and the most enjoyable challenge I have found for myself. I believe playing sports as a child help builds character, confidence, and gives them a sense of accomplishment; but the most important, it prepares children for life by teaching them to work as a team. I want to change and shape lives with a sport that I feel has shaped me into the women that I am today, I strive to enhance the volleyball talents of my players, while developing their leadership skills, self-discipline, and work ethic to create well rounded individuals on and off the court.

In the past, I have coached U14 teams, along with some youth rec leagues, most recently I was the JV coach at A.C. Davis High School. Volleyball has been a major part of my life in many capacities. I was first introduced to volleyball in 7h grade, “trying out” just for fun because my friends played. But I quickly fell in love with the sport and began my volleyball journey. I mostly played defensive specialist positions, but also trained as a setter. 

Tatum Marang
U11 Coach | Beach

Hi, my name is Tatum Marang. I have played 6 years of club volleyball for various competitive clubs and three years of competitive beach volleyball. I am currently a Junior at LaSalle Highschool and I look forward to pursuing my dreams of playing college volleyball and getting my major in education where I plan to become a kindergarten teach or work with challenged children in some way.

My passion is working with kids and I have helped coach beach and indoor with my mom for the last 3 years. Most recently I was the Assistant coach for the U12 and head coach of the U11 team when we split up at tournaments. I believe in being a fun active coach and love celebrating the little victories as players learn the game of volleyball. One of my greatest joys is when a player gets their first serve over the net in a game!

Hannah Thompson
U13 Co-Coach


Hello! My name is Hannah Thompson and I am currently a Junior at Central Washington University.I started playing volleyball when I was seven and fell in love with the sport. I played competitively for five years then played for the CWU Women’s Club team for two years. I coached previously for two years in my home town of Mead, Colorado. I love working with children and helping further their passion for the sport of volleyball. I believe in encouraging my players to always play at their best through a fun but hard working environment.

Jac Hixssen
U13 Co-Coach


Hi! I am from Anchorage, Alaska and I am currently a third year at Central Washington
University. I played competitive volleyball starting in middle school until I graduated high
school. I coached 11s/12s/13s for my club team my sophomore through senior year, and coached
13/14s for boys and girls club my junior and senior year. I strive to have an energetic and
hardworking team who gains from their team’s accomplishments.