Frequently Asked Questions

Our Program director will post regular practice times on the HOME page of this website as well as our Facebook page so be sure to follow us. Because Yakima has a limited court situation it is difficult to schedule regular practices days and times on a regular basis, as we cannot technically reserve the courts.

Our training program fees will be updated shortly.  There are fees for each individual tournament you choose to do. Some Tournaments require you to be a member of their league. Each tournament and league is different. See details HERE

Yes! You can absolutely can play with us because it is an Outdoor Training Program and does not affiliate with any indoor club teams. You must have a valid AVP membership to participate in our AVP Academy Yakima Training program.

Yes, and no! You do not have to have a partner to join our training program. We will be working on drills and scrimmage with whoever we have in attendance. If you want to participate in tournaments you will need to find a partner for that tournament. If you WANT to do a tournament and need help finding a partner we can help! Check out our PAGE for more info our to submit a form to find a partner for a specific tournament

Playing in the sand will enhance your indoor game in several ways. It will increase your vertical jump and help strengthen your joints because it is MUCH hard to push off and jump in the sand. With only two players on the court, you will learn to communicate with your teammate and you are forced to go for every ball. You will improve your ball control, speed and you will learn to read players and predict what your opponents. You will learn to attack the ball in new ways and become a well-rounded player who can adjust to anything.

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